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Born September 6, 1995, the fresh faced East Coast singer has people very curious. With a viral channel on YouTube, Hollywood history, and songs in Korean, it’s not hard to understand why. 

“If you had told me I would be making songs in other languages, I would never have believed you”, Paige Young herself is surprised by her journey. 

However, Paige is no stranger to the entertainment business as her label, YOUNG! Music, is a branch of a family owned Entertainment/Production Company, Joe Young Studios. She has overseen company business alongside her father, studio head, and nationally recognized producer Joseph Young, Jr.. Joe Young Studios is responsible for many massive entertainment projects, including development of the world’s longest comic strip, national bestselling novels, billboard-chart topping boyband NK5 and Hartford's first major home grown feature film, Diamond Ruff. 

However, Paige's life changed once realizing the incredible power music has worldwide. Her goal became to use music as a tool to connect the world. If her viral YouTube channel “Paige Young! Music” is any indication, then one could say she’s doing quite well. With millions of views worldwide, people are definitely forming an interest.

“I think this is something pop-culture is ready for!Dope tunes connecting cultures. The world is ready!” 

Will she succeed in further bridging cultural gaps?  Only time will tell.


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